Pebble Steel watch charger/stand, from tools to toys, and new FDM material

Ever hear of a Pebble Steel?  Well, this is a 3D printed charging stand for one.  Just look at how nicely it holds the watch up while functionally charging it.  Simply magnificent.  Can also probably make watch stands for non-electric watches as well and it would look just as nice.



Turn your tools into toys with 3D printed parts.  This guy right here made some sort of flying disk that attaches to a Dremel tool.  Just look at that distance.



These days there’s all kinds of materials becoming available for FDM machines.  Below is an object printed using Taulman 645.  You might have to tweak your 3D printer settings a bit, but once you do, you will get some really sharp looking prints with your new material.




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