New to 3D printing and a scorpion chain

I would like to take a moment and congratulate anyone getting into 3D printing.  It is quite a fun technology and really gives you a sense of freedom from difficulty of manufacture.  The pic below was this guy’s first 3D print.  What will your first successful print be?


If you are getting into 3D printing for the first time, you need to be very careful about not letting your spool get out of control.  Sometimes all it takes is letting go of the end of the filament – then it de-spools and gets into a horrible tangle which could take you a long time to fix…. that’s if you can fix it at all.  Usually if this happens to me, the plastic is rendered useless or I have to chop it up into smaller segments and feed into the printer at various intervals.


Check out this “scorpion chain” bike mount.  Sounds scary, and it does a mean job of holding your bike to the wall.



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