Getting paid for 3D printing your products

When determining the price of your product, several different factors are considered:

  • marketplace fees
  • marketplace dues
  • cost of 3D printed plastic
  • cost of assembly parts, e.g. stickers, adhesives, screws, etc.
  • cost of packaging
  • cost of shipping
  • time to 3D print
  • our revenue
  • your royalty

This is why it is required that you setup a meeting before we create a listing – so we can mutually agree on revenue before we put the work into setting up the listings.

Prices may vary on different marketplaces, e.g. $15.99 on Amazon and $15.50 on Etsy.  Also, prices may fluctuate up and down with demand.

Get paid every 2 weeks for 3D printed designs

Now the good part: every two weeks, we pay you based on how many units were sold.  So if your item’s listings sold 100 units at 10% royalty and price was $10, that’s ($10 x 100 units x 10%) = $100.  The only work you had to do was design the product in the beginning.  This leaves you open to designing more items and marketing to sell more units rather than worrying about all the little details to get them to the customers.


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