Re-purposed IKEA furniture

Did you just buy a table from IKEA and don’t want to use it as a table?  Then 3D printing can help.  You can design new parts, such as fasteners and brackets, to turn the furniture parts into something completely different.  For example, this IKEA stool was turned into a bicycle.

3D Printed Spoked Wheels

Check out these 3D printed wheels with spokes on them, printed without any support material.  The method used in order to eliminate support structures is called “bridging”, where ABS plastic is extruded from one spot to another without anything supporting it.  This is possible due to the properties of the material.

Mini Bowling for your Desk

Get yourself some cool-looking toys for your desk thanks to 3D printing.  This will definitely make you more efficient at work as you increase focus and problem solving skills….. sure it will.  Download here.


Happy Chanukkah folks!  Now, go 3D print some dreidels and have some fun –

Panzer Tank Kit

3D printing is great for model makers.  Rather than going out to the store to buy a model kit, you can 3D print your own parts in whatever colors you want.  Here is a kit of a German Panzer Tank model.

RC Plane Wheels

A great tool for modifying your expensive toys, 3D printing definitely helps when you need to make custom wheels for your RC airplane.  While the wheels shown in the picture can use some improvement as shown in this Reddit thread, they serve as a good prototype to make improvements from.

Cool looking dice

With 3D printing, no longer are you limited by complexity of manufacture, but limited by your abilities with 3D CAD software.  Just check out these complex die, physically making them was not the limitation, only designing them was.

3D Printed Halo Weapons

In homage of Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming out for XBox One, check out these 3D printed Halo weapons.  The list includes the energy sword, Covenant Carbine, and the pistol.  I already downloaded my pistol at!