Complete Keyfob

When designing custom and prototype electronics, a 3D printer is a must-have.  You will be able to easily create any shaped casing you want, from beautiful to practical and everywhere in between.  Pictured here is a very nice looking keyfob who’s casing was 3D printed.  Click here to see more of the rapid prototyping process.

Coffee grinder bearing

3D printing is not just for repairing and replacing your plastic parts, it can also be used to modify.  Here is a good example where an engineer modified a bearing in a Hario Skerton coffee grinder.  Here’s some reviews about the awesome mod.

Water Pipe Bowl Holder

If you are hitting “tobacco” from your bong, you are going to need a place to put your bowl piece in order to load it.  Sometimes bowl pieces are made of glass and are very expensive, so you definitely don’t want to mess around.  Pictured here is a very nice 3D print of a bowl Read More …

Filament Spool Clip

These are a must have for 3D printing hobbyists!  We all know about that dreadful unwinding of a filament spool that ends up cross winding and ruining your prints.  Typically I use regular binder clips, but these are custom made for a specific spool and probably work better.  Download here.

Connectable Wireless Docking Stations

Designed for different phone sizes, these 3D printed docking stations connect together to allow for an organized functionality as well.  More specifically, these were printed on a Form 1 SLA machine, which uses a laser and photosynthetic polymer to create the parts.

Repair Broken Key Tag

Key chain tags are simple plastic items that serve very simple purposes: either be an ornament or hold something.  Both of these uses are easy to make with a 3D printer.  So if you ever break your key tag, don’t buy another cheap one, 3D print your own and it should never break again (or Read More …

Glacial Coaster Holder

It’s functional.  It’s stylish (at least 10,000 years ago when glaciers covered Long Island).  It’ll hold your coasters really well and look cool [pun] doing it.  Download here.