Connectable Wireless Docking Stations

Designed for different phone sizes, these 3D printed docking stations connect together to allow for an organized functionality as well.  More specifically, these were printed on a Form 1 SLA machine, which uses a laser and photosynthetic polymer to create the parts.

Nexus4 Wireless Charging Stand

Now you can comfortably view your Nexus4 smart phone on your desk while charging it wirelessly with this 3D printed charging stand.  It works like a normal phone stand but has a mount in the back that holds the wireless charging device.  Is great for both panoramic and landscape positions.

Google Cardboard Strap Holder

What’s amazing here is that there’s actually a product called Google Cardboard!  You stick a couple lenses into a cardboard object and poof, you have virtual reality with your smart phone.  Well, you can mod that with 3D printing if you like by adding a strap.  Fairly low-tech, but the price is right and this Read More …

Modular Phone Stand

Check out this neat 3D printed phone stand.  You can use it horizontally, vertically, and take it apart if you need to pack lightly.  Printed on a Stratasys machine, which means the supports were soluble and this had to sit overnight in a bath to remove them.

iPhone 6 Bendgate

Supposedly the iPhone 6’s were having problems where they were bending and breaking, but this only happened to a few hundred phones, leaving most iPhone users out of all the media drama that was called Bendgate.  Thanks to 3D printing, you can print your own pre-bent iPhone 6 case and feel like an legitimately angry Read More …