Dashcam Ball & Socket Mount

Having a little trouble mounting your dashcam somewhere good in your car?  Check out this 3D printed ball/socket mount.  Very easy to print.  Just need a couple screws and an hour of print time and you’re ready to go.  Specifically for the G1W-C model.  Download here.

Repaired Window Blinds

Finding replacement parts for obscure items such as window blinds can be troublesome.  It’s even worse when it’s a simple and small part that is integral to the whole product working.  3D printing can help by creating a functional plastic part easily.  Just take the proper measurements, design it in CAD, and wait for the Read More …

Monitor Wall Mount

This is a bit complex but looks like it works really well.  There are several 3D printed parts are assembled with metal rod components that are mounted to a wall.  These parts would have to be made out of strong material like ABS because there is a lot of weight being held here.

Christmas light hangers

Don’t like the plastic hangers that came with your Christmas lights?  No problem, you can design your own and 3D print them in plastic.  No longer are you limited to dealing with only what the manufacturer gave you.

Boot Drive Computer Bracket

3D printers are great for making computer modifications.  In this case, the hobbyist’s only other option was to tape the drive to the wall of the computer case.  But, with a little time and CAD skill, a custom bracket was created that fits perfectly. Download here.

Portal Book Ends

Are you a fan of the game Portal and want to spruce up your library (for actual books)?  Well then this 3D printed product is for you.  Display a guy going from one side of the books to the other via a portal.  Perhaps there’s a deeper meaning here… maybe the guy going through the Read More …

Custom Shelf Extender

Make your shelf fit absolutely perfectly with 3D printing.  Don’t bother going to the store, shopping around, not finding the right size, then buying wood, then machining the wood, then cleaning up all the saw dust.  Instead, take the measurements you need, sit down with CAD, and hit the print button.

Cubical Shelf

Did you break a shelf at work and really don’t want to buy another one?  No worries, check out this example of a 3D printed cubicle divider shelf.  Looks like it came out perfectly.