Complete Keyfob

When designing custom and prototype electronics, a 3D printer is a must-have.  You will be able to easily create any shaped casing you want, from beautiful to practical and everywhere in between.  Pictured here is a very nice looking keyfob who’s casing was 3D printed.  Click here to see more of the rapid prototyping process.

Subaru BRZ Cup Holder

If you don’t like the cupholder in your car, no longer do you need to suffer with it.  With 3D printing, you can design your own and make it within just a couple hours.  Just need to take the proper measurements, put into CAD, wait while it 3D prints, and paint (optional).

3D printed rockets for kids and the great new toolbox asset

Ya know what 3D printing is good for?  Testing your personal rocket ships!  What a great exercise to get students involved with science and engineering (STEM) subjects.  Your current model doesn’t work?  Oh that’s fine, go prototype another and blow it up!   Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, a 3D printer is a Read More …

3D printing is the newest addition to any mechanics’ toolbox, also a phone case

“3D Printing” is a relatively new term for the technology.  “Rapid prototyping” is its traditional name and that’s exactly what most people still use it for.  But the beauty today is that the cost is so low and the quality is so good that now you can make finished goods with it.  And what’s even Read More …