Get your own Gavel

Need to get attention during a meeting?  Sick and tired of all the side conversations while the speaker is speaking?  No worries, 3D print yourself a gavel and all eyes will be on you.  Even better, 3D print it in pink and you will get a lot more attention… just maybe not good attention.

Tupperware lid holder

Need a place to store all your annoying but useful Tupperware lids?  3D print yourself a lid organizer that will keep those annoying, free lids from the Chinese place down the road under control.

Bird Spikes with Mount

Don’t want birds sitting on your fence?  No problem, just run to your computer, download the bird spikes, wait an hour to 3D print, and those birds will have to enjoy your fence from a distance.

Dashcam Ball & Socket Mount

Having a little trouble mounting your dashcam somewhere good in your car?  Check out this 3D printed ball/socket mount.  Very easy to print.  Just need a couple screws and an hour of print time and you’re ready to go.  Specifically for the G1W-C model.  Download here.

Adjustable Pliers

Sometimes you just don’t have the right tool in your toolbox to do the job.  And worse off, you are too lazy to go to the hardware store.  No worries, just go to Thingiverse and download your tool, then 3D print and take a nap.

Fixed Toolbox Lock

Many many things these days are made out of plastic that really shouldn’t be, such as toolbox locks.  These things break all the time and really are not meant to last a long time.  But they are so cheap that they are very attractive buys.  Luckily 3D printing is a good way to replace your Read More …

Reed Switch Holders

When designing your mechanical devices, you are going to have to mount your switches somewhere.  Traditionally you would just create some sort of bracket to hold them, but with 3D printing, you can easily create aesthetically pleasing brackets that fit your switches perfectly.  Pictured here are very nice reed switch holders.