Dumbbells for Cats

Lots of cats these days are overweight because they don’t exercise.  Luckily, you can 3D print a solution – kitty dumbbells.  I have no idea how the car would use them, but that’s your problem 🙂

3D Printed Book

Okay, so you can’t really read this book, but it’s still a cool concept.  Especially when the title says “mechanical reproduction” after the book was mechanically reproduced.  It’s available here for digital download and more mechanical reproduction.  And here is more info about how the one pictured was finished.

Giant bearing

Here is a giant 3D printed bearing.  It’s printed all in one piece and has a ridiculously loose radial play.  What is it for?  Showing off you giant 3D printer.

Hell Kitty

No that’s not a typo in the title of this post – Hello Kitty superimposed on a Pentagram.  There are two colors on it, which was accomplished using a Printrbot 3D printer and Repetier‘s pause command that allows you to switch out filaments and add color to the print.

Re-purposed IKEA furniture

Did you just buy a table from IKEA and don’t want to use it as a table?  Then 3D printing can help.  You can design new parts, such as fasteners and brackets, to turn the furniture parts into something completely different.  For example, this IKEA stool was turned into a bicycle.

Always have to be 3D printing something

As a big 3D printing enthusiast, I know how true this comic is.  I feel like I always need to be 3D printing something no matter what.  Even if I don’t use it, I can still learn something new about the 3D printing process and hone my skills.

Repurposed Wine Bottle

Don’t have a spool holder for your 3D printer?  Doesn’t matter because there are plenty of household items you can use… like this big bottle of wine.

Jewish Christmas Ornament

Are you Jewish but want to celebrate Christmas and don’t know how?  Well here’s an idea – 3D print yourself a Christmas tree ornament shaped like a Jewish star.  Have a Mazel Tov… I mean Merry Christmas!  Download here.