Lots of Colorfabb

Interested in buying some unique 3D printer filament?  Check out Colorfabb.com.  They have brass, wood, bronze, and even bamboo plastics to use.  I haven’t tried any of them yet, but one day soon….

Filament Spool Clip

These are a must have for 3D printing hobbyists!  We all know about that dreadful unwinding of a filament spool that ends up cross winding and ruining your prints.  Typically I use regular binder clips, but these are custom made for a specific spool and probably work better.  Download here.

Metal PLA

Now you can 3D print with metallic materials and get that lustery sheen you always wanted.  They have a rough surface finish after printing, but can be polished for shininess.  This blog details their experience with 3D printing in Stainless Steel and Magnetic Iron.  Me want!

3D Print of T-Glase

A beautiful item made using the really pretty blue colored T-Glase.  This stuff is a good alternative to using PLA and ABS because it can print between their temperatures with a low-heated platform.  Also it is made of “…FDA approved polymers for direct food contact/containers,” (http://taulman3d.com/t-glase-features.html).

Pebble Steel watch charger/stand, from tools to toys, and new FDM material

Ever hear of a Pebble Steel?  Well, this is a 3D printed charging stand for one.  Just look at how nicely it holds the watch up while functionally charging it.  Simply magnificent.  Can also probably make watch stands for non-electric watches as well and it would look just as nice.     Turn your tools Read More …