Professor Farnsworth

Good news everyone!  You can 3D print your favorite professor from the show Futurama.  Now if only you could 3D print a jar to put his head in… or better yet, print his head inside the jar!

Download a Vase

Can’t find the right vase for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day?  Or worse yet, you bought flowers but have no way to present them to the love of your life?  3D printing has you covered!  You can easily run a search at for a vase and boom, your set.  Too bad you can’t 3D Read More …

Glacial Coaster Holder

It’s functional.  It’s stylish (at least 10,000 years ago when glaciers covered Long Island).  It’ll hold your coasters really well and look cool [pun] doing it.  Download here.

Turbine Shaped Lampshade

I never realized how many kinds of lampshades could be made with 3D printing.  The one pictured here consists of a mounting base in which you mount all the separately 3D printed turbine fins.  What a cool lighting effect!  Download files here.

Monster eyes looking at you

The plastics of 3D printers have translucent properties allowing light to travel through in interesting ways.  In this GIF, depending on where the light was shining into the 3D printed monster the pupils would be looking in a different direction.  So by moving the light around, the artist was able to make it seem like Read More …

Pacific Rim Jaegers

Here’s a few 3D printed models of Jaegaers (robots) from the movie Pacific Rim.  These were printed with a FDM 3D printer, then painted.  Download them here.

Full Size AK-47 Replica

Here is a 3D printed replica of the gun AK-47, which was printed in several different sections, then assembled.  To ensure proper assembly, the designer added dowels and holes to the assembly surfaces while also adding acetone to make the assembly lines less noticeable.

Another Lampshade

Apparently 3D printed lampshades are IN.  They come in all kinds of patterns and designs and have a great translucent effect.