Trophies for Four Athens

3D printing is a great tool for making highly customized, really nice items.  Trophies are a great example of this.  Pictured here are trophies used for Four Athens tech startup incubator.

Horse Planter

It’s spring and it’s time to start planting things.  A lot of times you will need planters, so here is a horse shaped planter being 3D printed.

Model Bike, Snap Together

Remember those models that you used to build when you were young?  You first had to snap-off all the components from one whole piece in order to start assembling.  Well, now you can 3D print those snap-off units and start making models in no time.  Here is a great example of a bike model.

Jetpack, business card size

Check out these differently scaled jetpacks.  The larger one is 1/3 scale and the business card sized one is printed all in one piece, disassembled, then reassembled.  The larger one was 3D printed with an Up! and the business card was made with SLS.

Turret from Portal

Hey you Portal fans… don’t have the money to buy figurines of your beloved game?  No worries, just get them 3D printed instead.  The materials don’t cost much and you can build whatever size can fit on your 3D printer platform.  Try not to get shot by the turret though.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  You must print it big if you want the top needle to come out right.  Download it here.  Printed on a Big Builder.

4 cylinder engine

Anybody want to download a car?  Seriously, you can download or create your own car parts.  Just check out this 3D printed 4 cylinder engine block with oil pan.

Life Size Zelda Sword

It takes a big 3D printer to make a big sword, and that’s what can be done with the 3DPx1000 1mx1mx0.5m platform.  Although this print would take a really long time, it’s still really cool!  Created by:

Cubic Trisections

Here is a really cool way to split a cube into 3 equal sections and it can be 3D printed without using support structures.  Good luck assembling it though!  Download here.