Model Bike, Snap Together

Remember those models that you used to build when you were young?  You first had to snap-off all the components from one whole piece in order to start assembling.  Well, now you can 3D print those snap-off units and start making models in no time.  Here is a great example of a bike model.

3D Printed Book

Okay, so you can’t really read this book, but it’s still a cool concept.  Especially when the title says “mechanical reproduction” after the book was mechanically reproduced.  It’s available here for digital download and more mechanical reproduction.  And here is more info about how the one pictured was finished.

DIY DLP SLA 3D Printer

When it comes to 3D printers, there’s a bunch of different technologies.  Here is one called a DLP (digital light projector) SLA (stereolithography apparatus).  Basically it works like a normal SLA, except the way it handles the file.  Rather than slicing the 3D file into tool paths, the file is split into different images that Read More …

Tupperware lid holder

Need a place to store all your annoying but useful Tupperware lids?  3D print yourself a lid organizer that will keep those annoying, free lids from the Chinese place down the road under control.

Jetpack, business card size

Check out these differently scaled jetpacks.  The larger one is 1/3 scale and the business card sized one is printed all in one piece, disassembled, then reassembled.  The larger one was 3D printed with an Up! and the business card was made with SLS.

Turret from Portal

Hey you Portal fans… don’t have the money to buy figurines of your beloved game?  No worries, just get them 3D printed instead.  The materials don’t cost much and you can build whatever size can fit on your 3D printer platform.  Try not to get shot by the turret though.

Failed 3D Print was Saved

3D prints fail for many different reasons.  Here it looks like the printer ran out of filament while printing.  This was a very long print and lots of time would have been wasted if he/she needed to start over.  So, the print was paused, a new spool of filament was loaded, then the gcode was Read More …

Bird Spikes with Mount

Don’t want birds sitting on your fence?  No problem, just run to your computer, download the bird spikes, wait an hour to 3D print, and those birds will have to enjoy your fence from a distance.

Dashcam Ball & Socket Mount

Having a little trouble mounting your dashcam somewhere good in your car?  Check out this 3D printed ball/socket mount.  Very easy to print.  Just need a couple screws and an hour of print time and you’re ready to go.  Specifically for the G1W-C model.  Download here.